How to Delete Bookmarks, Passwords, and Other Data from Major Browsers

If you’ve recently switched web browsers and are happy with your choice, it’s a good idea to consider removing all data saved in your old browser. This is especially important if you use the syncing feature that’s built into most browsers these days, as this means sensitive data like history, bookmarks, passwords, etc., might be …

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How to Substitute Fonts in Firefox for Windows without Extensions (Bye Arial!)

Firefox Logo

Update on July 25, 2021: Firefox 90 has re-introduced the problem. You can fix the issue by following steps mentioned in this Firefox support thread. Update on June 19, 2021: Firefox 89.0.1 has FIXED whatever issue was introduced in Firefox 89.0. Below steps are working again! Update on June 5, 2021: These steps no longer …

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How to Disable #Pocket in #Firefox Browser for Desktop

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Pocket is a “read-it-later” service that’s built into Firefox. It allows for saving web pages for future reading, and for surfacing articles it thinks you may find useful or interesting. This is good if you’re a Pocket user, but it’s a bit unnecessary for people who have no use for the service. There are two …

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