How to Stop VLC Player from Automatically Resizing to Fit Video Resolution (on Desktop)

When you open a video in VLC player, the app automatically resizes its window to fit the video resolution. The exception to this case is if VLC was maximized before, in which case it will continue to open in maximized state. If you’d rather have VLC remember its window size and not resize every time to fit a video’s resolution, there’s an easy fix for it.

In VLC player, go to Tools > Preferences > Interface, and uncheck the option that says “Resize interface to video size”. Click Save and you’re done. This works regardless of whether you’re on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Featured image: VLC Icon on Iconscout

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  1. Aha. Duh! I figured why mine was resizing, not the above either. Click the Video menu drop down, then unselect “Always Fit Window” I definitely over thought this. All good now, but some of my old videos look so tiny 🙁


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