Google Apps Users are Missing Out on Handy Google Now Features

If you have associated your Google Apps account with Google Now, the super useful digital assistant available for Android, iOS, and Chrome, you’re missing out on one of its most useful features – Gmail Now.

Gmail Now is basically Google going through your emails to surface useful information like package shipping status, travel times (train, flight, and movies), restaurant reservations, and more as Google Now cards. This, however, works only if you’ve associated a normal Google account with Google Now. Google won’t display the Gmail cards for Google Apps users. This is likely a privacy measure, though we’d rather Google provided the feature as opt-in.

If you want Gmail cards in Google Now, you will have to switch to a regular Google account (in Android, if you have already added the Google account, open Google Now, swipe from left to open the drawer, tap on Settings > Accounts & privacy > Google Account). Next, you have to create one or more filters to forward all emails that include shipping, ticket, and hotel booking information from your Google Apps email to Google email account. Once you have completed both steps, Gmail cards will start popping up in Google Now.

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