How to Disable the News Feed in Microsoft Edge (Updated for Chromium Edge)

Update: The original steps mentioned in this post do not work for the new version of Microsoft Edge, with looks and works a lot like Google Chrome. If you already have the new version of Edge, follow the steps highlighted below.

Open Edge, and on the “new tab” page click ⚙ > Custom. ⚙ icon is near the top right corner of the page.

Select “Content off” to disable the news feed.

Original post:

Edge is the much hyped new browser in Windows 10, and one of its new features is a personalized start page that shows you local weather and personalized news. While many may find it useful, others (like me) will find the cluttered look off-putting.

Lets be honest, no one wants murder stories on their browser.
Too much clutter.

Turning off the news feed from the start page is currently not possible, but you can get rid of it with a simple tweak. Go to Settings, and change the Open with option to New tab page. New tab pages don’t show the news feed by default, so this setting will hide the clutter on browser launch.

If you want to go the other way, and show the news feed on every tab, open up Settings and change Open new tabs with to Top sites and suggested content.

News feed on new tab tage

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24 comments on “How to Disable the News Feed in Microsoft Edge (Updated for Chromium Edge)”

  1. I like Edge as a browser, and would be happy with some content from news feeds; however, I am still bombarded with content from categories I have deselected (eg I’m totally disinterested in celebrity gossip or other so-called “entertainment”). I’d also like to be able to deselect unreliable and/or politically unbalanced news-sources (such the Daily Mail – from my perspective a candidate for deselction on grounds of gossip and lack of political balance). This capability is possible in other browsers – until this is enabled in Edge, then I’m afraid I’m going to stop using it.

    • Sandy,

      I have had the same experience with Edge ignoring my customization and showing every category of news in its feed. I keep it off for this reason, and use Google News instead (which isn’t perfect but still better than Edge and MSN in my experience).

  2. every time I scroll down to mark content off, the option disappears. It will not go to that particular area. I see content off but the option for turning it off never appears on screen.

  3. I have followed all instructions to get rid of news feed. There is no option for “open with”. I detest your news page.

    • I felt the same way. I found the solution! Get the Edge “Redirect” extension. Now, when I log out of my Outlook email, the MSN news page is immediately redirected to my chosen search engine, and I never see that again.

  4. Is there a way to still have my feed with only the subjects I picked in personalize? I keep getting a big window with tons of “news” article about the election, Covid, etc….I don’t want that…just the topics I picked! How can I do this?

  5. I do not like Edge at all and now it has started putting little news pop ups on the right side of the screen. How do I turn it off with out completely deleting Microsoft Edge.