Switch to CloudFlare’s DNS for Superfast Global Response Time of Your Website

Slow response time of a website, which is considered above 0.20 second as per Google PageSpeed Insights, can repel potential visitors and affect Google search rankings. Now, the response time of a website depends on how quickly a person (or bot) can reach the DNS of the domain, and how quickly the DNS resolves the domain’s IP address.

If you have a website, you’ve probably pointed it to your web host’s DNS. This works well if most of your visitors are from or near the country where the DNS datacenter resides. However, if your web host’s datacenter is in the US, and most of your visitors are from Asia, you’re likely losing many of them to slow response times.

The solution is simple – switch to a DNS provider than can resolve your domain from multiple, globally distributed datacenters. There is one such company that does this, and it’s CloudFlare. Even if you don’t want to use its other awesome features, CloudFlare will be happy to resolve your DNS for free from its 30+ datacenters spread across six continents. The result is a much faster website for all your visitors from across the globe.

To switch to CloudFlare’s free DNS service, you need to create a CloudFlare account and add your domain to it. Once CloudFlare scans your domain for existing DNS records, it’ll recommend you (as orange “clouds” instead of the regular gray clouds) to pipe some of those records through its servers. If you’d rather not use CloudFlare’s optimization and security features, make sure you turn off the orange clouds by clicking them. This will result in CloudFlare just resolving your DNS and not providing any additional features. Finally, note down the new DNS records from CloudFlare, and point your domain to them. It’ll take about an hour for the new records to propagate, and then your website will respond faster from anywhere in the world.

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